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ThetaJoin in Hitch Hicker guide

Oct 23, 2013 at 4:30 PM

We try to convert the ThetaJoin example with API calls (SelectMany ?) :
from e1 in stream1
from e2 in stream2
where e1.SomeProperty > e2.SomeProperty
select new { e1, e2 } // ...whatever in fact, it does not matter

Just for the example, with basic Linq, we would do :
stream1.SelectMany(x => stream2.Where(y => x.SomeProperty > y.SomeProperty), [...projection...])

We think we are missing something about QStreamble.SelectMany, it uses Unit parameter for the streamSelector parameter, and we do not understand how to use this Unit parameter. Perhaps SelectMany is not the right method to do what we are trying...could you help us on that please ?

For the context, we try to build dynamically this query (using Linq.Expressions), that's why we need a way to write this query with SelectMany or whatever method...)