StreamInsight V2.1

To demonstrate the new APIs in StreamInsight V2.1, we have created the StreamInsight Product Team Samples V2.1 that co-exist with the samples for previous versions (V2.0 and below).

HelloWorldSimple StreamInsight application to get started.
ComposingQueriesShows how to compose queries in comparison with the same application in the V2.0 sample set.
ComposingQueriesNoAdapterSame as above, but using .Net sequence integration instead of adapters.
CheckpointingShows how to take checkpoints and recover from interruptions.
Hitchhiker_V21Accompanies the updated version of the Hitchhiker's Guide to StreamInsight Queries.
UdsoPatternDetectorDemonstrates how to use a User-defined StreamOperator (UDSO) to implement a complex pattern detection scenario.
WCFShows how to send and receive events via WCF.

StreamInsight V2.0

The Microsoft StreamInsight Product Team Samples V2.0 are demonstrating key aspects of the StreamInsight CEP platform. The purpose of the samples is to provide a guide through the StreamInsight development experience, demonstrating common design patterns for adapters, queries, and applications. The emphasis is on the teaching character, not on feature completeness, performance, or robustness. Follow the product team on Twitter for latest updates.

The samples consist of a set of Visual Studio Solutions, each of which contains at least one input adapter, one output adapter, and one main application. Each adapter is a separate projects and can be included in multiple solutions.

AdapterPurposeTeaching ValueVS Version
DataGenerator (IA)Generates events with random payload valuesEvent push model (through a callback); simple implementation of the adapter state diagram2008
OutputTracer (OA)Traces output events on the console or a fileSimple untyped output adapter design; useful for prototyping and testing2008
SimpleTextFileReader (IA)Reads lines from a csv file and transforms them into eventsSimple untyped input adapter2008
SimpleTextFileWriter (OA)Writes events as lines to a file in csv formatSimple untyped output adapter2008
WcfAdapter (IA, OA)Reads and writes events from and to ECF endpointsSimple remoting of event streams2008
AsyncCsv (IA, OA)Reads (asynchronously) and writes events from and to csv files Using IO completion for efficient file reading; using an adapter class abstraction for point/interval/edge2008
SQL (IA, OA)Reads and writes events from and to SQL Server tablesUsing a SqlDataReader to interface with SQL; Writing an untyped adapter2008

ApplicationPurposeTeaching ValueVS Version
ComposingQueriesApplies two subsequent queries to data from the DataGenerator and dumps the result on the consoleUse dynamic query composition to stream into two output adapters2008
TrafficJoinQueryReads and processes traffic data from two text filesUse the explicit query binder model; join two input streams2008
WcfApplicationApplies a query to an event stream from a WCF endpointDemonstrates the usage of the WCF adapters with a simple query2008
PatternDetectorUses a user-defined operator to implement a pattern matcher on csv input dataImplementing a state machine through the extensibility framework2008
HitchhikerContains the sample queries used in the "Hitchhiker's Guide" paperVarious query patterns2008
SequenceIntegrationHitchhiker queries; Performance Counter import; Northwind DB temporal queriesShows how to use .NET sequences to use files, perf counters, OData feeds as event sources, and WPF elements as event sinks2010
SqlApplicationApplies a temporal query against SQL input dataDemonstrates the usage of the SQL adapters with a simple query2008

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rschindlauer Aug 30, 2011 at 6:29 PM 
The samples are complete, the .csv files are in the folder of the project using the adapters, because the actual data belongs to the scenario, not to the adapters. You can find them in Applications/TrafficJoinQuery.

Manga_75 Aug 30, 2011 at 9:03 AM 
could someone post the sample .csv files and such so that the samples are complete....they are nowhere to be found in the downlad. would be nice to have when looking at it.

rschindlauer Apr 13, 2011 at 4:09 AM 
Each sample project contains a README with some further information. Please let us know if you have further questions!

chrisqiu Apr 12, 2011 at 6:38 PM 
Do you have any explaination document about the sample code?